Purchasing of industrial waste

SOFÉM Kft. is the largest purchaser of metal wastes produced at the industrial plants of the region.
Collection, transportation of scrap metal at increasing number of companies is performed using containers. SOFÉM Kft. has 5-7-30 m³ capacity closed, plate sidewall containers and multi-lift trucks being suitable for their transportation. Collection and transportation of wastes in containers ensures the avoidance of environment contamination, the quick loading on and off. In case of higher volume of technological waste consisting of small size parts, the allocation of smaller, 1 m³ containers is also possible. The allocation of containers is free of charge.

Household purchasing

Our plant is a well-known and popular taking over point of household ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals. We take over any type of scrap metal, materials from demolition and machine parts. – Quick administration – High purchase prices – Prompt payment in cash Contact: László Nagy: 0036 30/935-5489 Our plant address: 4031 Debrecen, Balmazújvárosi street 10. (400 meters from the METRO shopping center, in the Western Industrial Park located on the territory of the earlier house system elements factory) Business hours: on each working day from 7:30 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Taking over of scrap vehicles

SOFÉM Kft is a registered vehicle demolisher being entitled to take over and demolish vehicles of any brand and type. The company carries out the taking over and demolition of the scrap vehicles independently, at the same time having contract relation with vehicle sellers, brand retailers and is a collection place of the Car-Rec Scrap Vehicle Handling Public Company.
Gábor Murguly: 0036 30/269-6043


We undertake demolition of:
- machines,
- equipment,
- steel structure buildings and engineering structures.
Péter Soltész: 0036 30/973-9974
We flexibly adapt to customer’s conditions. We cut the larger structural elements to transportable size at the site. We transport away the demolished materials by truck. Our building industrial activities related contractor registration can be read at the website of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Our registration number: 19A57793

Real estates for rent

Real estates for rent

Surface preparation by grain blasting

We undertake the grain blasting of:
- iron sheets
- steel structures
- cast-iron machine parts with short deadline.
Largest including dimensions:
– length: 14 m
– width: 1.5 m
– height: 0.5 m
Grain blasting price: it is determined based on the surface size and material weight and volume.

Container production

SOFÉM Kft. also produces 30 m³ containers with plate sidewalls being suitable for the collection and transportation of scrap metals.
Including dimensions:
Width: 2330 mm
Length: 5875 mm
Height: 2255 mm
The frame structure of the container is made of steel hollow section and cold worked steel U profile. Its sidewall and bottom is covered by 3 mm thick steel plate. It is especially designed for being suitable for loading on by multi-lift truck. At the end being opposite to the hook, trundles having 200 mm diameter can be found. At the end with trundles, the container is provided with doors opening in two directions.
At order, we undertake the production of steel plate covered containers having the above described or similar design.

Firewater tank made of steel

We undertake the production of different firewater tanks within short term.
Volume: 34 – 50 – 63 – 84 m³
Diameter: 2.9 m
Wall thickness: 8-10 mm
Design: horizontal cylinder type
Drain pipeline: at the bottom, in the middle part, NA 100 double sided flanged connection, in mountable design
Filling in pipeline: on the top, NA 60 flanged connection design
Manhole: 600 mm, height 1300 mm, screwed closing lid, welded-in rungs, mountable design
Painting: primer paint + Bornit S bitumen based plaster
Delivery time: according to agreement, usually 2-3 weeks
Transportation: by road on truck, or by rail, at client’s cost

We operate an ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System and an ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Management System.


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